About Us

GolinOpinion’s specialized, differentiated and innovative PR services are a result of the joint venture between the highly respected and awarded companies in advertising and PR – MullenLowe Lintas Group and Golin.

We ‘Go All In’ to make clients relevant and resonant in competitive environments; and to guard their reputation in evolving media dynamics.

We ‘Go All In’ to take advantage of industry sector intricacies and unique PR ecosystems by having ‘sector experts’ for tourism & hospitality, consumer products, corporate, media, automotive and technology.

We ‘Go All In’ to lead and leverage the digital impact on PR – our ‘Bridge’ tool pioneered social listening and response; we now offer a full range of digital services – website builds, augmented reality, apps, games, and social engagement; and have some award-winning films to our credit.

We ‘Go All In’ to address emerging PR needs by offering specialized services in crisis management, thought leadership and c-suite profiling, strategy workshops, media training, CSR and internal communications.

We ‘Go All In’ to integrate real-world insights, creatively bolder ideas and seamless integration across channels by being differently organized on a ‘g4’ model.

We ‘Go All In’ by embracing bravery over mediocrity. Our work has won effectiveness awards at various Indian and global forms.

Our Culture: Bravery over mediocrity. We GO All IN.

For Asian brands to take their place on the global stage, for brands to radiate with their relevance, for corporates to keep their stakeholders inspired… for whatever bold goal your brand may have, we believe in bravery over mediocrity. We believe in embracing creativity and rejecting mediocrity.

That is why we strive to do things differently.

We Go All In – for our clients and for each other.

Go All In is our ethos.

It is our commitment to bravery over mediocrity.

And that is why we organize ourselves differently.

To give our clients the most effective, integrated PR campaigns. With insight grounded in data and creatively brave ideas, we create programs that seamlessly integrate across all the relevant channels.

We Go All In

Service Stack


Transforming the industry by transforming the way we work.


We changed our structural model, from a hierarchy of generalists to communities of specialists to address the dramatic changes in the communications industry. Using our revolutionary g4 model, our specialist communities use proprietary tools to plan and execute powerful campaigns designed to create positive change for our clients.

Our revolutionary model now includes experts in the Explorer, Creator, Connector and Catalyst communities who work together as one integrated team to deliver brave, bold work worthy of awe and action.

deliver insight and measurement through research, analytics and planning.

generate ideas and design and produce creative content to bring those ideas to life.

engage consumer and business audiences across earned, owned, shared and paid media.

lead business, grow client relationships, drive change and champion campaigns.


We are an integrated agency with the g4 model at our core. By embracing new technologies and pushing creative boundaries, we help you adapt and win in a constantly evolving world.

With the end of the traditional PR agency model of client-based account teams staffed by generalists in a hierarchical structure, and the introduction of specialists organised in flat communities and trained in the skills clients really value, we have done away with old silos, old skill sets and old ways of doing things so that our effectiveness quotient is significantly higher because we are more agile and better positioned to take on today’s ever changing world. With this structure, we will be better positioned to deliver holistic ideas that can be communicated across multiple platforms.


  1. Specialised Hiring: We’re hiring people with very specific skill sets. Since we’ve changed the model, we’ve hired a number of people who we would probably not have hired before because they weren’t generalists.
  2. Employee Satisfaction: We encourage our people to align their passion with their specialization, whether in the technology part of the business or the research or the creative element. They do what they are good at and what they enjoy.
  3. Client Value: We aim to raise the bar on delivering value to our clients. We re-did our approach to understanding client business and needs around this model, so we’re questioning clients on insight, ideas, engagement and integration.



The Bridge™ is a full-service digital, mobile and social media marketing services provider and one of the fastest growing digital agencies providing integrated solutions to brands across diverse sectors.


The Bridge™ is a service offering from GolinOpinion that helps brands incorporate real time insights into their communication mix and create 24×7 meaningful engagement with their stakeholders.

With 30 command centres across the world, it is based on a new working model termed g4 and is a network of dedicated Explorers, Creators, Connectors & Catalysts – We provide 5 key solutions in 5 different areas: StrategyContentInfluencersTechnology and Analytics. We have our connected network of newsrooms across five continents – and in more than a dozen languages – delivering results across earned, owned and paid media.


In an increasingly connected and chaotic world, our clients, across different verticals, need to stand out from the crowd and engage with their stakeholders in the most relevant ways possible. There has never been a greater need to embrace new media platforms and adopt significant changes in the communication strategies.

The Bridge presents a tremendous opportunity to cater to the needs of our clients such as creating timely and meaningful conversation, awareness creation opportunities for lead generation, reputation management, competition analysis etc. This will ultimately help carve a niche for themselves in their respective sectors and create the maximum top-of-mind recall.

The Bridge is telling a story…in the most exciting way possible!


The Bridge can work independently for country-specific clients or in association with other global networks on campaigns and/or crisis that need real-time insights. In India, The Bridge helps brands engage their customers in real time as well as manage their online & offline presence and reputation.


We have a three step principal that comes into play here – Planning, Execution and Analytics.

Through Planning, we understand our client’s business objectives, devise an engagements strategy and plan our communication accordingly.

At the Execution stage, our G4 team of Catalysts and Explorers uncover interesting insights from rigorous industry and competition scanning. Our Creators develop and design a relevant communication campaign and our Connectors manage the brand communities to help develop and implement digital promotions and execute crisis management plans if required.

Most importantly, we apply social listening and behaviour tracking tools to study the brand and campaign buzz (Sentiment Analysis, Buzz Volume and Share of Voice), to help brands improve their communication campaigns and align them to the audience needs.


We believe clients benefit most when the PR program is purposeful, intelligent and fulfills a demanding agenda. We offer a workshop facilitation service that harvests several and often diverse expectations from the PR program, to create a unified PR agenda aligned with the business goal.


PR is a valuable investment when its ROI facilitates the business agenda. By skilful and strategic facilitation we translate the business goals to the PR agenda, outlining the expectations, critical stakeholders, insights, messaging direction, and engagement opportunities. The output is the program framework, essential work streams, directional initiatives and messaging, as well as the measurement criteria for the deliverables.


A holistic and intense deliberation process, by a think-tank group with expertise from both client and agency teams. This means focus on goals, clarity in decision-making, and planned measurement.


This strategy hothouse is usually conducted over one or two days, but is preceded by a series of meetings to develop the customized workshop design.

The methodology deploys GolinOpinion strategy tools to combine the team’s resident knowledge with new insights, for a structured yet dynamic discussion.

The Workshop follow-up and conclusion consists of a report of the key strategic deliberations, alignments, and agreed next steps.

The time involved can be as little as 10 days or more, depending on the readiness of data/ insights, clarity of goals and complexity of the challenge.


We understand that the best-laid plans can go awry. A crisis is any situation that is threatening or could threaten to harm people or property, seriously interrupt business, damage reputation and/ or negatively impact the bottom line. Failure to empower employees with the procedures, methods and messages to use in a crisis ensures that they will do whatever each of them thinks is best.

The most effective reaction to a crisis is a carefully coordinated crisis response. Without training, the best crisis planning documents are just a collection of words. Our goal is to ensure our clients’ crisis teams and response processes leave each session “pressure tested” and ready to respond in the event a crisis does strike.

The GolinOpinion approach to crisis preparedness is the S.M.A.R.T. approach – Scenarios, Materials, Approach, Resources & Training. We tailor each crisis training program to the specific needs of the client and experience level of participants. We begin customization by identifying and reflecting the unique characteristics of the client’s business and the unique crisis events that they may face. We then format live drills, from tabletop to full-scale scenarios. We employ a number of interactive exercises, contemporary video examples and realistic interview role-playing scenarios, which we videotape for play back and critique. And we insist that participants are active members of a client’s crisis response team, and that they are working with the company’s crisis manual. In some instances, we have helped companies develop manuals ahead of training sessions. Our goal is to test both the team and the manual in as realistic an environment as possible.

We believe that companies that effectively plan for crises stand a better chance of success when a crisis actually strikes. That’s why we believe crisis preparedness is part of the overall reputation management process.


C-Suite Focus

More so today than ever before, the C-Suite is the driving force behind building company image, shaping public opinion and giving relevance to companies. Companies with forward-looking, engaging leaders easily gain an edge over less savvy rivals. At GolinOpinion, our years of experience dealing with the issues and challenges of C-level leaders and board members of Fortune 500 companies, has equipped us to design bespoke products and services that address the needs of experienced and emerging C-level leaders.

Our cross-disciplinary team of seasoned strategists and C-level coaches craft holistic solutions that blend powerful training, rigorous research, and experience-based advisory services to deliver far-reaching, high impact value for the enterprise.

C-Suite Training

EQ makes all the difference to IQ.

Leaders are the ambassadors of the company’s reputation and image. Their skills to inspire and win trust, create impact and influence deserve as much nurturance and investment as their strategies to grow the company.

At GolinOpinion, we know just how sharp and demanding the C-suite’s audiences are… from the boardroom to the newsroom, from the shop floor to the shopping floor.

We also believe there is no blanket formula to make the right impression, because authenticity and credibility are the two essential ingredients.

Our expertise lies in identifying, refining and finessing the unique and natural skills of leaders, in a customized manner, to gently but surely notch up their innate EQ drivers.

Our bespoke program – SpeakUp, is designed to benefit both experienced and upcoming leaders.




Simply put, SpeakUp is a presentation coaching for executives.

When you’re out there, in front of an audience, it only takes a few moments to make or break a presentation.

How do you deliver a message that’s compelling, informative and relevant? How do you shape your audience’s opinion? How do you convey credibility while being true to your unique personal brand and the brand identity of your organization?


At GolinOpinion, we believe great presentation skills can be learned and sharpened.

As part of our executive relevance program SpeakUp, we partner with executives at the world’s top organizations to develop their messages, hone their delivery skills and practice for permanence.

Sessions are scheduled as a series of one-on-one, group classes or half–day coaching workshops.

The Seven Keys to Commanding a Room that we outline in the SpeakUp program are as follows:

  1. Credibility
  2. Authenticity
  3. Bravery
  4. Knowledge
  5. Focus
  6. Emotion
  7. Active Listening

C-Suite Profiling

Champion the champions.

The C-Suite is one of the most tangible and potent means for a company to craft its desired image and give momentum to its stated intent. Be it thought leadership, or category innovation or societal influence, the C-Suite must not just represent but enliven the company’s image.

This customized offering is designed to strategically build c-level leaders into thought leaders for the industry and beyond. Be it profiling them in media, strategic speaker opportunities, TED talks or leveraging social media communities, GolinOpinion works with CEOs and executive teams to curate their public speak and equip them with the right skills and training to stay relevant for the future.


We are a creatively driven integrated marketing communications network with a strong entrepreneurial heritage and challenger mentality. We use creativity to get our clients’ brands an unfair share of attention.